Brief information on the HNC for EOQ

The Hungarian National Committee for EOQ

HNC for EOQ, HUNGARY, 1026 Budapest, Nagyajtai utca 2/b.,       map >
Phone: (361) 2128803, E-mail:

  • Established in 1972 from that time the HNC for EOQ became the National Representative of Hungary in the European Organization for Quality (EOQ) which is an autonomous, non-profit, public service association of the Member States’ full member organizations.
  • The Executive Board consists of 9 officers: the President, the 2 Vice-Presidents, the Executive President and the Executive Secretary as well as 4 Board Members. In addition, there exists the Supervision Commission consisting of a President and 2 Members; the Ethical Commission with 3 Members.
  • The HNC has almost 1000 individual and 250 corporate members, mostly the managers and employees of companies, ministries, local authorities, education and public health institutions, research institutes, testing laboratories, as well as consulting and certifying bodies committed to quality
  • The annual membership fee in HNC amounts to 5000 HUF for individual members and 30000 HUF for corporate members (basic membership fee to delegate 3 representatives and additional 10000 HUF for each further representative). The contribution to the national scientific-technical quality periodical „Quality & Dependability” amounts to 3000 HUF/Member/year.
  • The HNC has 12 Sections and Committees as follow:
No. Name No. Name
1 Automotive Section 2 Pharma Industry Section
3 Agrifood Section 4 Construction Section
5 Quality Management Committee 6 Committee for Government and Consumer Protection
7 Education and Terminology Committee 8 Metrology and Dependability Section
9 Committee for Environment Protection and Sustainability 10 Committee for Six Sigma, Lean and  Statistical Methods
11 Informatics Section 12 Healthcare and Social Affairs Section

The main objectives of HNC for EOQ are the followings:

  • Support the raising the level of the Hungarian quality culture.
  • Enlargement and updating of the Hungarian quality professionals’ skill.
  • Transfer of the up-to-date international quality knowledge and experiences towards the Hungarian professionals and customers.
  • Contribution to the Development of quality of the Hungarian products and services.
  • Dissemination of the Hungarian quality achievements on the international era.

Main activities of HNC for EOQ:

  • Dissemination of new quality knowledge in broadest sense.
  • Implementation of quality conferences, workshops and other quality related events (annual around 100).
  • Training for quality professionals (yearly about 15 courses) and their registration and certification (up to now there are almos 3500 HNC Certificates).
  • Organization of the international recognition of quality-innovative achievements of the Hungarian companies and other organizations.
  • Participation in quality development projects with other partner organizations.


  • The periodical “Quality & Dependability” has been edited by HNC in almost 2000 copies 4 times per year since 1996.
  • The „Annual Report of HNC” has been published in every year since In addition to the description of the main activities and events due in the current year also the valid Statutes of HNC as well as the list of the individual and corporate members and the by the HNC registered experts are included in the Annual Reports.
  • HNC issues about 10-20 printed proceedings and CDs every year, mainly with the presentations delivered on the quality events.
  • The HNC has an own homepage on the Internet:
  • The HNC published “The Hungarian Quality Dictionary”, second edition in 2003.

International events of high importance organized by HNC:

  • In June 2000 the HNC organized the 44th EOQ Congress as European Quality Congress in Budapest with more than 1100 participants coming from 55 countries.
  • The 19th IAMA Annual World Forum and Symposium was held in Budapest with 420 participants from 50 countries in 2009.
    Conference Program, Papers & Case Studies
  • The 55th EOQ Congress as World Quality Congress was held in Budapest on June 21-22, 2011 which was attended by almost 1000 quality professionals from 61 countries.

  • The 1st IAQ World Quality Forum was held in Budapest on October 26-27, 2015 which was attended by almost 300 quality professionals from 58 countries.
  • The 2nd IAQ World Quality Forum was held in Bled, Slovenia on October 13, 2017 which was attended by more than 100 quality professionals from 38 countries.

Due to the international recognition among others, the HNC – in cooperation with the Hungarian partner universities – is organizing high-level postgraduate quality courses where those who passed a successful examination are given a “HNC Quality System Manager” and other certificates in Hungarian and English languages.

The participation of HNC at the International Quality-Innovation Competition organized by the Finnish Quality Organization is very successfully. The Hungarian applications were recognized by the International Jury with 1 or 2 Awards in every year since 2013.

Budapest, July 25, 2018

Prof. Dr. Pál Molnár
President of HNC for EOQ